Health Guarantee

Paid in Full: $ __________

Today's Date: __________                                                            

Date of Birth: __________

Sex: ______

Sire: _________________

Dam: _________________

Breed of Puppy/Color/Markings:_______________________________

AKC #:__________________________________

Puppy Food Used: ______________________________

***We recommend deworming with Safeguard or Panacur-C within two weeks.                                                                  
In order for Healing Creek Kennels to honor this guarantee, the following guidelines must be met:


  • The puppy must be seen by a board-certified Veterinarian within 5 business days of the purchase date to examine the puppy and confirm he/she is healthy. If the puppy should arrive on a weekend or holiday you have an additional twenty-four (24) hours. Should the licensed veterinarian find the puppy unfit for purchase due to health, congenital or hereditary disorders, we will exchange the puppy with all appropriate paperwork for another puppy of equal value (when available).


  • The puppy must be registered with the AKC by the original puppy buyer. 


  • The puppy must be owned by the original owner. This guarantee is nontransferable.​

We guarantee this puppy to the best of our knowledge, to be in good health, free of diseases, and has received its first vaccines and dewormings at the time of sale.  The Breeder is not responsible for the death or loss of this puppy once it leaves our premises, due to sickness, accidents, injuries, or theft.  The breeder is not responsible for refunds due to human allergies, disability, illness, or other related situations.  The breeder is not responsible for refunds due to change in coat color, not bonding with the puppy, or because the temperament is not what you expected.  


Although we are careful to breed animals with great temperaments, no guarantee can be given regarding your puppy’s temperament. 


The owner assumes all financial responsibility for the puppy including but not limited to vet expenses, AKC registration, food, surgeries, boarding, grooming, etc.


We will not be responsible for any illness or injury that may be caused by improper care or treatment by the buyer once the puppy leaves our care (including but not limited to hypoglycemia). Be aware that stress and change of dog food or water can cause upset tummies and even bloody stools in young puppies. 


The owners assume responsibility to continue quality healthcare for the puppy.  This puppy will require monthly worming and a series of vaccinations.  You are highly encouraged to keep your puppy current with all necessary vet checks.

This puppy is guaranteed for twelve (12) months against a fatal and life-altering congenital disease which may adversely affect the health of the animal from the date of birth of the puppy. The Breeder(s) does not guarantee against hypoglycemia or any other common health issues such as immunity level, pneumonia, heatstroke, diarrhea, wormy stool, conjunctivitis, giardia, coccidiosis, ear mites, ear infections, fleas, ticks, any parasites, torsion of the stomach (bloat), cherry eyes, haw eyes, entropion, allergies, uneven bites, eye or skin-related conditions, Demodex mange, color dilution alopecia (CDA), inguinal or umbilical hernias, undescended testicles and kennel cough (common in puppies that are shipped) No veterinary bills will be paid by the Breeder(s) once the Buyer(s) receives the puppy. All veterinary services are the sole responsibility of the Buyer(s). 

The Breeder(s) shall not be responsible for any medical costs incurred to the puppy after Buyer(s) receives the puppy. Breeder(s) guarantees the above-described puppy to be healthy at the time of sale. Breeder(s) does not assume any liability for any injury to the said puppy after the time of sale. If there is a problem with the puppy, the Breeder(s) Veterinarian and Buyer(s) Veterinarian must agree health reasons existed before the time of purchase, provided the puppy has been properly cared for in Buyer(s) possessions.

If the puppy dies with 24 hours of purchase, the Buyer(s) must have a necropsy performed by a licensed Veterinarian at Buyer(s) expense to determine the cause of death. If the cause of death is due to problems existed before the time of purchase and after Breeder(s) Veterinarian has examined the puppy, a replacement puppy will be given when available. The replacement puppy will be of equal value. A replacement puppy will only take place if the above puppy has been properly cared for in Buyer(s) possession. No cash refund will be given, and under no circumstances will a replacement of a puppy take place if the above conditions are not met. If no puppy of equal value is available, the purchase price of the said puppy will be put toward the price of one that is available. The buyer will be responsible for the difference in prices.

Under no circumstance does the Breeder(s) guarantee any preventable or accidental death, injury, illness or problems that are not genetic. Examples: Failure to vaccinate on schedule, treatment against heartworm, any parasites, Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD), Panosteitis (Pano), OCD, failure to seek veterinarian treatment, etc. Breeder(s) also does not guarantee puppy from illness or death caused by any cosmetic surgery. Health Guarantee is valid only if the puppy is current on all vaccinations. Health Guarantee becomes null and void if it is determined by Breeder's veterinarian that illness or death of the puppy was due to neglect or abuse in any way--includes but is not limited to heart, pancreas and liver problems.

If the pup is found at this time to have a life-threatening illness or congenital defect, the breeder must be contacted and legal proof from a licensed veterinarian stating the defect must be emailed to the breeder ( within three (3) days. We reserve the right to have the diagnosis verified by a veterinarian of our choice at your expense; however, most of the time your vet’s diagnosis will be satisfactory. Please keep copies of all dog food receipts and vet bills for the breeder to reference in order to qualify for a replacement puppy. Once verified, the puppy will be replaced with another comparable puppy as soon as one is available. The buyer is responsible for transportation costs to and from the seller for a replacement puppy. Should the buyer choose to keep the dog no replacement puppy will be given.

The puppy may not be put to sleep due to a congenital defect or for any other reason beyond being in unbearable pain. If the dog dies within the twelve (12) month time frame, the buyer pays to have a necropsy done to decipher the problem. If the puppy was born with a fatal illness, we will replace the puppy with another comparable puppy as soon as one is available.

The Buyer shall maintain the puppy in good condition, including adherence to a regular immunization schedule, heartworm preventative, appropriate high-quality diet, and a clean & safe environment. This puppy is bred to be a companion animal and an affectionate family member. Although your puppy may be capable of excellence in the show ring, no warranty is provided by the seller as to its fitness for any specific purpose. In the event that the buyer cannot care for the puppy, it is required that the buyer return the puppy to the seller at no expense to the seller. If the puppy has been registered, the buyer must transfer full-ownership to the seller. No money shall be refunded. The buyer agrees that the puppy will NEVER be placed in a dog pound or rescue center. This provision is to ensure that the puppy will not end up homeless or destroyed.


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